Elmer Cañas Jr.For several years Elmer has blessed many with his talents as a singer, songwriter, musician, producer and designer. He's done most of his communicating and inspiring via online communities such as YouTube, FaceBook and his blog site. (www.elmercanasjr.com) His diversity in style, communication and music has allowed him to connect with people of diverse age groups, ethnicities and faiths. As a Latino born in Los Angeles, CA he learned to communicate art and music to the vast audiences in both English and Spanish. He studied Music Business at Cal State Northridge prior to moving to Dallas, TX in 2002 where his career and ministry would develop. At the beginning of 2013 Elmer set out to establish himself as an artist/producer that would impact both English and Spanish speaking audiences. This year alone Elmer has been featured in 3 projects, (Great I Am - Calvary Church; Beautiful God - Bre Botello and We Believe - Integrity Music/ Assemblies of God) in each of these projects we see a different side of his musical persona . He has since then released 3 self-produced albums (Upon His Love, Be Everything and En Control) that allow listeners to enjoy a diverse sound of music, all the way from unplugged guitars to hip-hop beats and electro pop dance music. He currently is working on a live recording that will take place in the fall of 2013 and is also working with the spanish network Enlace on producing an hour long television program full of original music and devotionals that will air across all the Americas and Europe. Elmer believes in impacting his local community and is doing just that. In the summer of 2013 he launched 31 ACTS, an awareness campaign encouraging our generation to reach out and make a difference through Acts of Kindness. Using the power of relationships and social media we're able to make a global impact one person at a time. Random acts of kindness and coordinated events are encouraged and organized by Elmer and his wife. He also believes in serving his community via the local church. He is currently transitioning from Calvary Church, Irving, TX to Cornerstone Church, Nashville, TN to continue impacting people through his music ministry. "Success isn't an achievement that can be worn on a single sleeve, it's a trail one leaves behind for others to follow and grow in; Legacy." This is a standard that Elmer lives by and it's reflected in his leadership and most importantly in his home. Elmer and Laurie have been married for 6 years and are blessed with two beautiful children; Jordan Elm (5) and Emry Jaylen (1).  


pas·sion [pash-uh n] noun

1. any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate.
2. strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.

God has allowed me to enjoy of many things in life. A loving family, great friends, creative arts, recreational activities and non-recreational ones like video games. But what makes all of these things special and fun to me are the people I get to do these things with.

As I've learned to answer the call of God upon my life I've come to a realization that the dreams God gives us are always going to be much bigger and greater than ourselves. That's what makes the process exciting and at times frustrating...that we have to learn to depend on God even when we think we have it all figured out.

As you explore the pages of my website you'll see the many different things that i enjoy doing with family and friends as well as the things that drive me internally. But it's all based around my passion.

Loving people as much as God has loved me.


Laurie Nicole

My beautiful wife of more than 5 years is a gifted interior designer and rolls with the best of them. As her designing career begins to take off I watch in pure joy realizing how faithful God is in fulfilling our dreams if we can just trust in Him. She also does everything at home (cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc...) except for breakfast, that's my forte.

Jordan Elm

This little guy developed mad chops on drums at the age of 1 thanks to our drummer friends and Yo Gabba Gabba. Now as he approaches 4 years of age he's looking to expand his musical arsenal by learning guitar, piano and even coaching me in some song writing. Keep your ears open you'll definitely hear him playing or singing something.

Emry Jaylen

Our little lady is here. She wanted out a month early and gave us the surprise of our life. She is still my little poet because everything around her comes to life to tell a beautiful story. It might be the lack of sleep but life has sure gotten so much more interesting. And holding her and telling her that I love her is priceless!



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Thank you for checking out my website. I love having fun with what I do and sharing it with friends in a timely manner.

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Thanks again and never stop being inspired, creating and enjoying every second of it!